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Tired of meetings falling flat? Boost productivity with Meeting Recap

an actual AI tool, not just a gimmick

Arthur Gaplanyan

June 29, 2023

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Meeting Action Items

We’ve all been there. You finish up a virtual meeting and know you just discussed the half a dozen things that need to get done but have trouble organizing your thoughts and action items. Worse yet, you have another meeting starting in 10 minutes, which just adds to the disorganization.

Then you should get to know Meeting Recap.

Microsoft has developed Meeting Recap for Microsoft Teams to solve issues like these. It uses an AI-based program to, well, recap your meeting. It can generate meeting notes, recommend tasks, and give you personalized highlights to help you find the most important information.

Since it uses the powerful GPT artificial intelligence to summarize your meetings automatically for you, you don’t have to worry about taking notes. Instead, you can focus on your meeting and the discussion at hand instead of being distracted by the burden of documenting everything.

That’s just the start. Meeting recordings have always been possible, but now they are more powerful. Nobody has ever had the time to re-watch a meeting in its entirety but now you can jump to pertinent parts based on speakers. Meeting Recap will mark for each participant, personalized timeline markers when they speak, or their name is mentioned. These markers are only visible to the specific person.

The roadmap is set to bring even more tools to Meeting Recap, such as breaking meeting up into chapters as well as topics.

It is worth mentioning that all of this falls under the current Microsoft Teams Privacy and Compliance policies. Simply put, they assure that this automatic notation does not share your information at all. The topics of your meetings, the attendees, etc… are all still private and internal to your business and partners.

Want to give Meeting Recap a go?

It is currently available with the Teams Premium license. Is that part of your M365 subscription? Unfortunately, not. M365 comes with a standard Teams license that gives access to the core features of Teams.

Teams Premium licenses run $7 a month per user. That isn’t the most expensive price for a license, but it isn’t exactly cheap either, especially when it compounds across your entire organization. So only you can review if it’s in the budget for rolling out to your entire staff or just key managers.

You should factor in how many meetings and how much time will be saved just from using Meeting Recap. It might just pay for itself. It’s already been documented that just setting up meetings takes up an average of 43 hours a year per employee, so the time it takes to formulate notes and communicate them out has got to be much higher.

On top of that, realize that Teams Premium has other benefits as well. It has far more customization and branding tools for meetings, far more administrative controls for webinars, protection tools such as encryption, and management tools like SMS notifications for virtual appointments. These are just a few of the list of Premium features.

If you want to discuss your current licenses and review your options, we’d be happy to help. Just get in touch on my live calendar.