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Xentric is a different kind of IT partner.

Success Starts
with a First Step

Meet Xentric

Business Technology, Re-imagined for Small Business Owners Like You

“Most small business owners don’t know how to turn their tech into a competitive advantage
so we give them enterprise-level service that fits their budget,
ensuring they can grow and scale with ease.”

It’s no secret technology is one of the greatest opportunities for modern businesses to simplify, streamline, speed up, and scale their operations faster than ever before…

But many small businesses (the kind who do not have massive in-house I.T. departments!) do not feel that way. Instead of an exhilarating opportunity that makes life easier, technology can become a hindrance, one of your riskiest expenses, and a source of constant frustration and confusion.

Enter Xentric

Your Trusted Technology Partner

Xentric was founded by small business owners just like you who have experienced the disadvantages of going up against enterprise-level corporate competition.

In fact, we first set out on our entrepreneurial journeys in the early 1990’s, embarking on multiple business ventures that allowed us to put our knowledge of technology to practical use by creating our own tried and true systems for success.

Our extensive background in business technologies allowed us to successfully launch and operate our own string of non-IT businesses. But it also helped us see something else:

The dire need for IT solutions that enable small businesses to compete with enterprise-level companies (without even thinking about it). Here’s how it works…

George Mkrtchyan

George Mkrtchyan

CEO & Co-Founder

Arthur Gaplanyan

Arthur Gaplanyan

President & Co-Founder


Barrett Dilger

Operations Manager

Upcity Top Managed Provider Badge
Expertise - Best Managed IT Service Provider Award
CRN MSP 500 Award
Upcity Cybersecurity Badge

Our IT services manage your tech,
allowing you to focus on your business

Envisioned With Your Business In Mind

Business Technology, Re-imagined for Small Business Owners Like You

Xentric was born from the idea that no small or medium sized business should ever be at the mercy of a rapidly changing IT industry.

To that end, we not only take over full management of your hardware and software needs both now and in the future, we can help you take “tech innovation” by the horns and turn your business into a technological powerhouse within your limited budget.

Our specialty is in helping you find ways technology can improve profits, save costs, streamline processes, and positively affect your bottom line.

“Xentric is the ONLY IT services company dedicated to paying our own costs by helping you achieve tangible business outcomes.”

Xentric Team

When you work with Xentric, you aren’t just working with another team of IT guys. You’re connecting with a deeply invested partner who is committed to seeing your business succeed from day one.

The only question is: are you ready to see the future of your business?

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