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We call B.S. on shady IT companies
and are changing the way people think
about IT services.

Customer Centric Focus for Growth and Security

Since 2014 we’ve been serving businesses and empowering them with technology.
A solid framework keeps them safe from cyber threats, and ensures productivity so they can improve sales, grow and scale, and accomplish their goals.

That's what we do.

Meet Xentric

Your Trusted Technology Partner

George Mkrtchyan

George Mkrtchyan

CEO & Co-Founder

Arthur Gaplanyan

Arthur Gaplanyan

President & Co-Founder


Barrett Dilger

Operations Manager

The Xentric Story

The IT landscape was much different 20 years ago. Think back, remember when your Blackberry was the go-to productivity tool? I mean, getting your email on your phone was huge!
Email servers and Microsoft Office were about all every business needed to be productive, and an office full of workers just needed some antivirus to stay protected.

Well, clearly technology has changed drastically since then. And businesses have different needs, and demand different results.

We’ve been administering tech for decades. Managing technology for organizations, keeping them streamlined to increase overall productivity. We have experienced what makes a business run efficiently firsthand, and how implementing the right technology can mean the difference between success and failure. Plus doing so through the massive highs and lows of things like Y2K, the dot com bubble, and the 2008 crash.

It all started with favors.

When you’re good at something your friends and family always ask for favors.

We all know this. Oh, you’re a lawyer, let me ask you about this. Oh, you’re a doctor, I’ve got this issue. You know how it is.

We did so many favors for so many people we noticed something. It became abundantly clear that SMBs don’t have access to quality technology. Less of a surprise is that they wouldn’t know how to utilize it even if they did.

George Panel

To be honest, we felt bad about that. Everybody loves an underdog, right? Well, this was like that but in spades. Good people trying to run good businesses, but they just weren’t equipped with the right tools to tie it all together and make it work for them. And they had no help and no guidance.
And their competition is a large enterprise with huge IT budgets and teams of people making it all work? No wonder they’re slaughtering everyone.

What about the IT consulting companies that were around at the time?
If you talked to any of them, you probably got a distinct impression. Those guys were usually a little arrogant, condescending, didn’t explain things well, and blew things off as a PEBCAC error and went on their way. To be clear, they were using an industry acronym that meant Problem Exists Between Computer And Chair. They weren’t really attempting to help people beyond basic surface level. They definitely didn’t know or care how their job affects your overall business.
Not that all of them were bad, but this was a typical IT consulting and support experience back then. Which clearly is not helpful to the business and is just a frustrating experience overall. No wonder so many people have a bad taste for IT.

It was this dawning that George said to Arthur:

We should just start a company to do this right for them.

That's when Xentric was born.

Xentric is pronounced “zen-trick.” It’s a play on words for a zen-like, customer centric experience. Maybe it’s a little goofy, but we felt it was a good amalgam of the concepts we stand by.

You can rest easy with customer focused service and a deeply invested partner to take up your cause, and strive for your success.

I know. That doesn’t really sound like an IT company.

Xentric Team

That's the Xentric difference.

It’s why our tag line is “Business Technology re-imagined.” It’s a different approach to technology. Thinking out of the box. Thinking about it as a needed tool for success rather than a utility. Thinking about it as a collaboration between businesses.

Xentric isn’t just another team of IT guys. We view the relationship with our clients as partnerships. Our goal is to help you where you need it, to enable you to thrive. And you need to do your part too. We can’t just come in and give you some cookie cutter solution. That would be a disservice to you. We need to work with you to know your unique business, your goals, your values, and then craft your technology to fit perfectly to your needs, bringing you the best service and value.

If that sounds like something you are on board with, we’d love to hear from you and see how we can partner for your future.

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