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I started my relationship with Xentric Solutions when I opened my law firm. Without their help, I would not have been able to fulfill the everyday needs of my office, while also ensuring the safety and confidentiality of my clients' personal information. During the last 5 years as my business grew, the ease with which I was able to adapt to changes really set me apart from my competitors. My firm would not have made it through the Pandemic without the help from Xentric Solutions.
Nikki Grigoryan
Grigoryan Law

Comprehensive Cloud Solutions for Your Business

The cloud is a fancy way of saying offsite servers. Many businesses still have onsite servers in a room somewhere.
“The Cloud” involves utilizing servers offsite.

Onsite or Cloud
Which solution is right for you?

In the fast-evolving world of cyber threats, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the traditional guards like antivirus and malware protection are struggling to keep pace.

Threats are out there. Accounts are being hijacked, money is being stolen, and data breaches are announced left and right.

How do you protect your computers if antivirus isn’t good enough?


  • Upfront Expense

    Larger upfront capital expense for purchasing equipment.

  • Monthly Expense

    Ongoing expenses are oftentimes lower than cloud, and predictable.

  • Scalability

    Scaling is more difficult, requiring additional purchasing and installation of hardware if resources get maxed out.

  • Physical Risk

    On premises is susceptible to physical risks such as natural disaster and theft.

  • Internet Speed

    Data and applications are onsite, making internet speed less of an issue.


  • Upfront Expense

    There is minimal upfront expense to move to the cloud

  • Monthly Expense

    Oftentimes larger monthly operating expense than onsite

  • Scalability

    Scaling is extremely easy. Assign new resources as your organization grows. Only pay for what you need.

  • Physical Risk

    Hosted in a secure data center, virtually eliminating physical risk.

  • Internet Speed

    Internet speed is very important, however remote access is less difficult.

Is Onsite or Cloud better?

It may not be completely clear to you which of the two options are the “winners.” 

That’s because it does greatly depend on your organizational needs. The following are the primary considerations in determining if Cloud Computing is right for you.

"Having Xentric Solutions as part of our team in our law firm has been nothing but an incredible experience! They have taken care of all our IT needs for years now, including our phone systems. We have so much peace of mind knowing that we can reach out to them whenever we have slight hiccups with our systems."
Talia Nicoghosian
KCNS Law Group, LLP

Why is the cloud so important?

Business owners oftentimes shy away from the cloud (even when their vision perfectly aligns with a cloud environment) because they don’t understand what it is or the process to get there.

Change can be difficult, but necessary. Most importantly, we will never force a change if it doesn’t match with the strategic vision of your organization.

Let’s have a deeper discussion and identify what’s right for you!

We've got you covered

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Super personalized experience. Communication was quick, easy, and to the point. As soon as I told Xentric my needs, they sent me the best options, and made sure that I was set up and ready to go ASAP.
Los Angeles IT Support Customer
Michelle Nabati
Nabati Law