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Pros and Cons of working with a Managed IT Service Provider

An Objective Look

Barrett Dilger

February 17, 2023

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Advantages Disadvantages

A Managed Service Provider (MSP) is a company that offers a variety of IT services to companies on a subscription model basis.

MSPs can assist organizations in better managing their IT operations, giving them more time and resources to concentrate on their core business operations. MSPs also provide cutting-edge technology and knowledge without requiring the business to make large investments in their own IT infrastructure or recruit specialized IT staff, effectively lowering their IT costs.

That’s it. Case Closed. MSPs are great. Right?

In general, MSPs are a great resource for companies and organizations that want dependable and efficient IT assistance but lack the means to do it themselves.

Okay, maybe we are biased because we are an MSP. So let’s take an objective look at what the Pros and Cons are of using an MSP for outsourcing your IT needs. No misleading here. These are honest advantages and disadvantages of working with an MSP.

Pros of working with an MSP

1. Team of Experts

The resources and knowledge you acquire through an MSP would be incredibly expensive to duplicate. Having several network administrators, a staff dedicated to professional services, a team for provisioning, and a support desk.

2. Expensive and Specialized Tools

The range of instruments MSPs have access to is frequently pricey and specialized. They are typically able to administer and monitor your network at a greater level than an internal IT department at a lower cost because of the economies of scale of the computers and networks they serve.

3. Vast Array of Expertise

MSPs have extensive technological expertise in countless regions. They observe what functions well and poorly in various contexts. As they are not “silos,” they can introduce you to cutting-edge technology that will enhance the way your company operates.

4. Things Done Right (the first time)

Robust procedures and documentation ensure tickets are completed quickly and correctly. There is shared motivation to resolve issues promptly and keep the number of service requests to a minimum, so getting things right the first time is essential!

5. Scalable

MSPs can easily support your business scaling up and down. Price is frequently determined by the destination or user. When your business expands, you can easily forecast your technology spending rather than needing to employ a new IT staff member who might not be operating at full capacity.

Cons of working with an MSP

1. Service Time

Although you have access to the resources, you receive significantly less time than you would if you had internal staff on the clock all day.

2. Intimate Knowledge

While a good MSP will familiarize themselves with your business, they won’t have a deep, intimate knowledge of the specifics of your business’s applications or vendor peculiarities the way an in-house IT person would.

3. MSP Variation

Simply put, there are good and bad MSPs. There is a substantial range in the quality and responsiveness of MSPs. Service and costs can also differ significantly! The decision of which MSP to select can be challenging. For additional assistance with this, download our IT Services Buyers Guide. You will learn a wealth of information, which will aid in your provider selection.

4. Contracts

Employees (usually) don’t have contracts, but MSPs tend to. There is frequently at least a one-year contract in place.

5. Less direct administration of your IT systems

Your provider probably uses a set of tools that are standard across the board. There will frequently be a mishmash if you or your internal IT select a different collection of tools. Typically, this doesn’t come up often, as businesses that hire MSPs usually do so to NOT have to worry about selecting these systems. Nonetheless, it could be seen as a drawback for both parties in the rare instances where they do want to deviate from the suggestions.

Has this list clarified if working with an MSP is right for your business? Still need some more info?

As we suggested, take a look at our extensive IT Services Buyers Guide. That should help you wrap around what IT should look like for your company.

Still have questions? Feel free to book a free consultation to discuss your technology needs and goals. No strings attached!