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Get More Done with These Cool Microsoft Edge Tricks

Features you can use today to be more productive

Arthur Gaplanyan

Edge Browser Features

For business owners and managers, boosting productivity is always on the agenda. It’s about finding ways to do things faster, communicate better, and streamline tasks. It pays to leverage every tool in your arsenal to its fullest potential. So of course, you instantly think about Microsoft’s Edge browser.

Alright, that last part was sarcasm.

And rightfully so, because nobody really thinks about their browser in that manner. Many people have their go-to browser, and others don’t even know which one they are using…just as long as it has their bookmarks in it.

With so much work being done in browsers these days though, your browser choice can make a big difference. Microsoft knows this and is always striving to improve their browser Edge to meet this demand. For instance, they added dual search engine support as a productivity feature.

We’ve compiled our top features that you probably aren’t using, but really should give them a shot. Microsoft says that for the best results you should couple this with Windows 11, but these Edge features work on Windows 10 as well.

Laura covers our top 3, but there’s 5 tools total that I think you should be using to make your life easier.

Microsoft Edge gives you access to these 5 productivity features:

1. Multitask with Split Screen

Microsoft Edge’s split screen allows you to open two pages side by side in the same tab. This feature makes multitasking extremely easier. How? Here’s some use cases.

You can keep up with multiple sites at once, without switching between tabs. You can compare two websites. You can deep dive into research and delve into different topics or tangents.

It’s like doubling your desktop real estate without the extra clutter.

To get started with Split Screen in Edge, look for the icon in the upper right side of the browser window, right between Extensions and Favorites. Give it a click and poof! You’ve got split screen!

Edge Split Screen
Edge Split Screen

2. Tidy up with Vertical Tabs

Have too many websites open to where you can’t read the tab name? We’ve all been there (and I think I’m the world record holder of total open tabs). That’s why Edge uses vertical tabs.

Vertical tabs tidy up your browsing by arranging tabs, well…vertically instead of horizontally. It allows them to stack neatly on the side, making it easy to see your open tabs alongside your browser window. It helps keep the tabs usable by being able to still identify them and have access to quick controls like muting.

It’s especially convenient if you have a widescreen monitor and have more real estate on the side rather than top of your screen. It’s all about making life easier with the click of a mouse.

Using vertical tabs is easy, but you need to turn the feature on first. Navigate to the 3 dots in the upper right corner and select Settings. From there, choose Appearance in the left side menu. Then scroll down to the Customize toolbar section where it says, “Show vertical tabs for current browser windows” and click the Turn on button.

Once you’ve done that, you can see the Vertical Tabs icon on the upper left side of your browser window. Click it and the sidebar expands, showing you all of the tabs you have open.

Edge Vertical Tabs Setup
Edge Vertical Tab Icon

3. Collaborate with Workspaces

Teamwork makes the dream work, right? Edge’s Workspaces are here to simplify collaboration. Bundle a set of tabs into a workspace, then share it with a link. The recipient can open all of those tabs with just a click.

Edge Workspaces Icon

It’s perfect for projects, presentations, or just getting everyone on the same page, literally, with a single click.

4. Research with Collections

Researching and gathering information online is commonplace. Organizing it is where it gets a bit harder. Edge’s Collections feature lets you save, categorize and organize your data into custom collections.

Save anything: text, images, videos – you name it, you can organize it so you can stay focused and productive. It’s as simple as right clicking and selecting “Add to Collections.” You can then close any tab with the info saved for later.

Edge Collections Icon

You can find all your Collections in the upper right corner, next to your favorites. You’ll need to create and name one first, then you can save anything into it and find it all here later.

5: Remove distractions with Immersive Reader

Distractions are the enemy of focus, especially when trying to read online. Edge’s Immersive Reader cuts through the noise and removes distractions. What distractions? Things like ads, videos, links, or anything that can interrupt you. You know all that crazy “stuff” that pops up blocking the content you are trying to read. Getting rid of that sounds like something everybody can appreciate.

It’s customizable to your liking too. Font size, spacing, and color schemes can be adjusted for your preference, making the reading experience clean and comfortable. It also boasts a feature to read aloud, if you want more of an audiobook experience while you multitask. Your content, your rules.

The Immersive reader icon should show up at the end of the URL address for any website that supports it. I’ll note that using it on our Xentric website, the blog article video also disappears. The video is part of the content of the blog topic, not an ad, nor is it set to auto play. So there might be some false positives with this one.

Edge Immersive Reader Icon
Edge Immersive Reader

Haven’t give Microsoft Edge a try in a while? Give it a shot and see what difference it makes for you. Maybe you’re not on Windows 11 yet, we can help with that transition. Just drop us a line.