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Edge’s Latest Update Transforms Online Searches

Dual-Engine Power at Your Fingertips

Arthur Gaplanyan

Edge Dual Search

Microsoft’s Edge is a pretty good browser. I need to say that up front because that wasn’t always the case. But Microsoft keeps improving it over and over, refining it with new features that makes it a good choice for your daily internet use.

Mikhail Parakhin, Microsoft’s CEO of Advertising and Web Services, announced the latest improvement to Edge is one of those key advancements. If you’ve been contemplating whether to switch to Edge, this could very well be the nudge you need.

This new innovation in Edge is a game-changer, particularly for us in the business world who are always seeking smarter, more efficient ways to gather information.

Edge now uses double search engines.

Imagine that you’re deep diving into the web for crucial business insights – maybe it’s the latest market trends or some in-depth research. You enter your query and, voilà, Edge presents you with results from not just one but two search engines simultaneously.

Simultaneous Search
So, how does it actually work?

Let’s say you’re a Bing user. Normally, you’d get results from Bing alone, but now when you search, you’ll see Bing’s offerings alongside insights from Google (or another search engine of your choosing) in a side panel. This dual-view ensures you’re getting the most comprehensive information available – a real boon for anyone in business where knowledge is as good as gold.

The beauty of this feature is its simplicity. There’s no need to flip between different browsers or tabs to weigh up search results – Edge consolidates everything into one, streamlined view.

Is it too much?

Of course, with innovation often comes concern – in this case, about the potential clutter from merging two sets of results. Microsoft is already considering that. According to Parakhin they are looking into the possibility of adjusting your secondary search engine display size, a move to refine the user experience even further. While the sidebar is a fixed width for now, don’t be surprised if more personalization options pop up in the near future.

This new feature in Edge isn’t just a neat trick; it’s a testament to Microsoft’s commitment to enhancing our browsing experience, ensuring that we, especially in the business sector, have the tools we need to succeed.

For those already on the Edge bandwagon, this update is an exciting evolution. And for the rest? It’s a compelling invitation to join the Edge community.

Looking for more ways to streamline your business operations? I’m here to help. Just reach out and let’s explore the possibilities together.