Microsoft Office 365 Tips for your business

Table of Contents

Microsoft 365 features to boost productivity

The Microsoft 365 tool that helps you work less and achieve more

Collaborating in real time with Word

Excel: Making productivity easier with ‘Smart Lookup’

MileIQ: An automatic mileage tracker

PowerPoint: Raising the game with audio

Microsoft 365: Mobile apps and business without the office

OneNote: The power of translation

Lists: Making collaboration easier

Editor: Perfecting content for email, documents, and the web

Teams: Immersive and inclusive

Whiteboard makes collaboration simple

MyAnalytics will help you be more efficient

Access: Database management for casual users and professionals

To Do… making your life easier

SharePoint: The benefits for your business

Bookings: Delivering organization and customer satisfaction

Microsoft Project makes project management simple

Planner helps your team to get things done

Microsoft 365 Sway: A niche app with a real purpose

Why Microsoft 365 needs multi factor authentication

Forms: Connecting safely to the people you need to

Visio gives you powerful visualization tools

Publisher puts professional publishing at your fingertips

Stream: A great place to share videos

Outlook: A simpler way to do it all

OneDrive: Security as standard

Do you need a Microsoft 365 backup?