Cloud Migration Checklist


Everything you need to know for transitioning your business to the cloud

In “the old days” every business needed a server in their office to run their ERP, for staff to connect to, and to store and access their data. That’s still a viable solution today, and it has it’s place, but more and more often businesses are foregoing an on premise server and utilizing one in the cloud.

With todays business, people access company data and work from more places than just their office. Cloud hosting for data and applications just makes sense in this modern world. It adds reliability, scales easily, and typically it reduces costs by a great amount. Not to mention that it adds extra features you don’t currently have. The benefits are countless.


If you’ve ever considered using a cloud-based solution for hosting your business but didn’t know where to start, or worse, you started looking into it and got scared away, then I completely understand.

It’s not an easy process. It’s really complex and there is a lot that can go wrong.  You just can’t take that lightly when it can mean extended downtime or even data loss.


That’s why we made a guide that helps you get it right.  We’ve migrated multiple businesses to the cloud, and came up with a strategy and checklist for you to go through to virtually guarantee you are prepared to move your business’s data and applications over to a cloud-based solution, and ensure that everything is working as it should.


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