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Wow. Microsoft is adding an AI Library into Teams.

Aimed at developers, see how it’s going to impact your business.

Arthur Gaplanyan

AI Library

Imagine an AI-powered experience that not only simplifies your business communication but takes your overall productivity to optimal levels. It might sound a bit like something out of a sci-fi novel, but Microsoft’s latest announcement is about to make this future a reality.

AI Library

Microsoft Teams is introducing an “AI library” that’s set to transform the way we use Teams, and it’s closer than you think.

Now this AI library isn’t really meant for you. It’s aimed at developers and is only available in the public developer preview.  

Microsoft’s main goal is to empower developers to seamlessly integrate Large Language Models (LLMs) into their Teams applications, with ChatGPT being one of the most popular and groundbreaking LLMs on the block.

Teams AI Library
Image Credit: Microsoft

So why should you care?

Because this move is going to massively change how developers make extensions, plugins, and bots that you will use. It’s going to put a slew of new tools and features at your beck and call right there in your Teams app.

This AI library, which is already rolling out, equips developers with a suite of code functionalities, making it a breeze to incorporate LLMs into their apps. This opens up exciting possibilities like creating Bots, Message Extensions, and Adaptive Cards for more engaging and interactive conversations.

And here’s the kicker: Microsoft assures us that the AI library will also simplify the migration of your existing Bots, Message Extensions, and Adaptive Cards functionalities into Teams.

Yes, this is the same company that introduced the Copilot tool earlier this year that integrated GPT-4 across Microsoft 365 and can craft emails, compile reports, and even, as Microsoft romantically put it, “rediscover the soul of work.” Who would’ve thought AI could be so poetic?

Let’s not overlook the recently unveiled tool that uses AI to generate meeting notes, suggest follow-up actions, and provide timeline markers for instant access to relevant parts of a call. Talk about a game-changer for our daily lives.

Not to mention they merged the AI with their existing CRM tools to create Sales Copilot, which in a similar vein streamlines your data and accessibility for productivity boosts.

Now Microsoft Teams is on a mission to redefine our AI-driven experience. This isn’t just about making our lives easier; it’s about unlocking new possibilities for productivity and efficiency. We’re genuinely excited to see what the new AI library will bring.

If you’re looking to harness the full potential of Teams for your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch.