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Windows is by far the prime target for malware

Over 96 Million Threats

Arthur Gaplanyan

Windows Malware Steal Data

Microsoft Windows dominates the workplace, so it’s no surprise that cyber criminals have targeted it for malware attacks. Cyber criminals use this malware to steal your information, disrupt your business, and hold your data for ransom.

According to AV-Test statistics, a predominant 95% of malware threats were targeted at Windows. Their tracking shows over a billion total known malware kinds ever reported. It also shows over 100 million new versions for 2022 alone. That means there are 96 million distinct types of malware attacking Windows devices.

Thankfully, the vast majority of those attacks are unsuccessful due to layered cybersecurity protections. However, those that do succeed wreak absolute havoc on the stricken business.

Total Malware Distribution
Malware Distribution Statistics from AV-Atlas

To prevent your business from being one of the affected, make sure you are taking all possible precautions to protect your data. Some key components of your security practice should be:

Regularly update your hardware firmware and software applications to ensure they have the latest security patches applied.

Make sure your employees are regularly trained on cyber threats and know what to do when they see one.

Ensure that you have a disaster recovery plan in place. You’ll never be 100% safe, so having resilient backups that can keep your business running is critical.

Check with your IT service provider for their recommendations for these policies and practices. They should have the best services to keep your company safe, including monitoring to detect threats as early as possible.

If you don’t have an IT service provider, this is something we deal with every day. We can help your business become more resilient and protected. Contact us for a free, no strings attached discovery call.