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What would get you to switch from Teams to Zoom?

added features is closing the gap

Arthur Gaplanyan

Zoom vs Teams

Zoom is the most popular video conferencing software worldwide, with Microsoft Teams and Google Meet rounding out the top 3.

Can you believe that Zoom has been around for over a decade? Founded in 2011, their use and popularity skyrocketed during the pandemic, and everybody needed a way to make video calls.

That is how you think of Zoom, right? A video conferencing software.

Because that is all they have been…until now.

Microsoft has been taking a lot of market share from Zoom and Slack, as businesses want to consolidate their collaboration tools. Microsoft Teams is a well-rounded tool, integrated with their office suite and other lesser-known M365 tools such as SharePoint and Planner. It works well for video conferencing and for group and direct messaging. It integrates with 3rd party tools like VoIP and Project Management to keep everything under one umbrella. If you don’t think you’re using Teams effectively, you should read my setup tips to maximize your productivity.

Teams has been the go-to app for many businesses since it works so well and is part of their existing M365 subscriptions.

Zoom is now looking to take a piece of that productivity pie so to speak.

They have road-mapped added features that will make them more of a one-to-one comparison with Teams.

These features include email, calendar, and Zoom Spots – a virtual co-working space. Zoom Spots is designed to be human-centered and bring fluid interactions of in-person work to remote teams. Of note, the Zoom Mail service is aimed at privacy and will provide end-to-end encryption between Zoom Mail users.

In addition, the Zoom One product will have improvements made to streamline collaboration, chat, and project momentum. Zoom Chat will feature a translation feature to assist with communicating with worldwide teams. Zoom Phone is the company’s solution for bringing VoIP into their app.

This is an obvious next stage in development for Zoom, but it is unknown how likely businesses are to adopt their new services. Businesses have their solutions in place, and strongly integrated Teams in their current workflow. The lure to change will have to be strong, so we will be watching as this develops.

We always like to recommend the best tools to keep your team productive and efficient. If you have any questions regarding your current setup, schedule a 15 min call on our live calendar and we’d be happy to help.