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What to Expect in the Last Windows ‘Moment’ Update

More Accessible, Adaptable, and User-Friendly

Arthur Gaplanyan

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Windows Moment Update 5

There is just one final ‘Moment’ update coming for Windows 11. Microsoft’s gearing up to roll out the ‘Moment 5’ for Windows 11, also known as the ‘February 24 Moment’. It’s just around the corner and promises some exciting tweaks and features that are definitely worth your attention.

Just to clarify, Microsoft has been rolling out updates known as ‘Moments’ since the end of 2022, where they issue feature packs every few months. After this next update, they are reverting to their prior schedule of annual updates for Windows.

What does this mean for you? It’ll bring more stability and fewer overhauls to your operating system, with a predictable schedule.

Windows Update

So, what updates are coming in Moment 5? Let’s take a look:

Accessibility Upgrades

Windows 11 is stepping up its game for users who rely on accessibility features. The Voice Access is now more versatile, supporting multiple monitors and new languages, and it comes with handy ‘voice shortcuts’. Plus, the Narrator is getting an upgrade with new natural voices.

Stylus Integration

Love using a stylus? You can now write directly into text boxes across the OS – no more needing a separate handwriting panel. It’s all about making digital pens more intuitive to use.

App Freedom

I’m most excited about this one. In order to comply with the EU Digital Markets Act, Microsoft is letting you remove most in-box apps like Edge, Camera, and Photos. If you’re not using them, you can finally declutter!

Search Options

The Windows Search pane just got more flexible. You can now use third-party plugins from other search providers, like Google or Yahoo. If Bing’s not your cup of tea, now you’ve got choices. Or, if you prefer not to have any Windows search, you can disable Bing (part of the DMA compliance from the last point).

Enhanced Nearby Share

Sharing files gets user-friendly with the ‘friendly name’ support, sort of like Apple’s AirDrop. You can give your computer a more recognizable name making file sharing easier.

Default Wallpaper Change

Windows Spotlight is set to become the default wallpaper, showcasing Bing’s daily backgrounds from 14 different image sources.

Copilot Improvements

A Microsoft update isn’t complete these days without mentioning Copilot. The usability improvement here is that the Copilot feature can now be undocked, and easily accessible through the Windows ALT+TAB menu. It’s about making it more adaptable and user-friendly.

Widget Board Changes

Not a fan of Microsoft News in your Widgets Board? You can now opt for a widget-only layout. And hey, third-party news services can integrate too, giving you more content choices.

Notepad Upgrades

Notepad’s getting a character count and an ‘Edit with Notepad’ shortcut for certain file types. Handy, right?

Moment 5 is all about making Windows 11 more user-friendly, accessible, and adaptable. For business owners, this could mean smoother workflows and boosted productivity.

Thinking of upgrading to Windows 11? Now’s a great time, and we’re here to help you make the switch – just get in touch.