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Want to test new app features before everyone else? DON’T!

FBI PSA indicates a malware trend in fake beta apps

Arthur Gaplanyan

Beta Features

We love it when new features get added to apps. They’re the equivalent of shiny new toys that make our lives so much easier and convenient. Do you think about trying out those exciting new features in beta versions of your favorite apps to get the features first?

Hold on, there’s something you should know. The FBI has recently issued a public service announcement that might make you think again.


Cybercriminals have devised a fresh strategy to entice us into their trap. They’re planting malicious code inside fake beta versions of well-loved apps, effectively getting people to choose to install their malware and give access to all their data.

Now, don’t get us wrong – we’re all for innovation, just like any tech enthusiast. However, it’s crucial to understand that beta versions haven’t undergone the rigorous security assessments that official app store releases go through.

These criminals send deceptive emails posing as the developers of popular apps, promising early access to new beta releases. Of course, those emails are fake. They impersonate the company in one of a dozen ways.

Once you install these fake beta apps, it’s game over. They can wreak havoc by accessing data from your financial apps and even taking control of your mobile device.

If your employees access company data from their devices, then your company data is compromised too. What kind of confidential information is now leaked to the world? Financial? Proprietary?

All for what? Some new features in an app? That’s a big risk for little gain. It’s proof that the old adage still holds true; Patience is a virtue.

Steps to take

Hold off on downloading beta versions of apps. Wait until they’re stable and officially available in app stores. Remember, good things come to those who wait – and that includes secure apps.

If you’ve dabbled in beta versions before, keep an eye out for warning signs like rapid battery drainage, sluggish performance, annoying pop-up ads, and apps asking for unnecessary permissions.

In this era of digital sophistication, we need to be as shrewd as the technology we embrace. So, before you hit that download button, take a moment to ponder: Is this app worth the risk?

Train your staff to adopt the same mindset. If they access company data from personal or company-owned mobile devices, consider implementing a Mobile Device Management solution to have more control over their activities.

It might even be worth considering including a “no beta app” policy in your company’s tech policy.

We can assist you in enhancing the security of all your devices. Feel free to get in touch with us.

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