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Small Updates, Big Wins: Elevate Your Windows 11 Experience!

It's the little things that really count

Arthur Gaplanyan

Copilot Button

The latest update from Windows 11 is here, and it’s bringing along a subtle yet potentially impactful change for you and your team.

Copilot Button

Microsoft has decided to move its AI assistant, Copilot, to the system tray. That’s the section on the far right corner of the taskbar, where your date and time are located. This means when you need it you don’t have to search around, it’ll be conveniently right there to click for quick access.

If you’re not a fan of Copilot, you can easily toggle it off to remove it from your taskbar to free up space for other apps. However, having this AI assistant right where you can see it might just be the productivity boost you didn’t know you needed. So, maybe try it out before you decide it’s not for you.

That’s probably the most noticeable part of the recent update, but here’s all the details of the update:

This newest update, known as Patch KB5034765 (Microsoft sure knows how to name them), is in the process of rolling out to systems.

So, your Copilot button might have moved already, but if not don’t worry, it will soon.

It’s not all about moving Copilot around though, there are some vital security enhancements and bug squashes included as well.

Within Reach
Glitch Fixes

A major one is a fix for a glitch in Explorer.exe that was causing some PCs to freeze up if they were restarted with a game controller plugged in. This might not be a headline in your business, but hey, I’ve managed IT for a video game company, so I won’t judge.

Microsoft has also sorted out an issue with the screen reading tool, Narrator, from speaking too slowly.

Though it might seem like just another update, it’s these small adjustments that can smooth out your workday and keep your team’s flow uninterrupted by glitches.

Has your business made the leap to Windows 11 yet? Our crew can give your setup a once-over and suggest if making the switch, or sticking with Windows 10, is the way to go. We can also maintain your systems to keep them running smoothly to get the most performance out of them and ensure your team’s productivity stays high.

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