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Should you always update Windows? Our answer might shock you!

consider waiting on new feature updates

Arthur Gaplanyan

Windows Features

Microsoft has recently announced new features coming to Windows 11 and has them available for trial now. This is standard practice, and they created their Windows Insider Program centered around it. Giving access to all the new features to a select group of people first. Now with the latest Windows 11 patch you can be among those that receive non-security updates first.

There are some options that seem minor but would be greatly helpful. Adding seconds to the clock in the taskbar seems trivial, but if it was there, it would be very useful. Showing when your network is connected through a VPN is beneficial. Notifications over your account icon telling you to take action and a compatibility checker for apps with known issues running on Windows 11 add a better user experience.

All of these new features and more are available to you right now. It sounds like a great opportunity. We all love having the latest and greatest, so what better way to get the good stuff directly from Microsoft before anyone else has it?

We are always about keeping up with software updates, except this is one time we wouldn’t advise updating Windows.

This isn’t about security improvements. These are features in a trial phase, so aren’t worth the risk – especially on any business machine.

You’re essentially testing out these new features for Microsoft, so you can expect there to be bugs, quirks, and potentially significant interruptions to your workflow.

Of course, if you do have issues, you won’t get proper support. The features aren’t officially released yet so it’ll be hard to track down any proper solution – assuming that there even is one.

Any frustration or lost time is not worth it when your business is on the line.

Once the features are through this testing period and roll out to everybody, then you can consider jumping on board. Let everybody else test out the products and let their experiences work out the kinks. By the time you get it, the solution should be in a polished state, ready to do you some good.

Trust us on this one. Nobody has time for experimental software to go screwy on them. Just wait. Your business will be better off for it. Early adoption is rarely a benefit without bringing issues along with it. Don’t be the guinea pig for the shiny new feature.

Our advice for tech like this is to be patient, play it safe, and reap the benefits when it’s proven tech.

Microsoft has plenty of features that are already tested and approved. Ones that boost productivity and make your life easier. Do you know all the tricks you can do in Windows 11? Do you even use all the apps in your M365 subscription, or know if it’s better for you than Google Workspace? We can help sort all that out with you and get you running smoothly and efficiently – to make you more profitable. Just reach out and we’d be glad to discuss.