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Make sure your cloud server is protected from this

and other fun security facts ;)

Arthur Gaplanyan

Cloud Server

One major service we offer is cloud hosting for servers and applications. It has become the norm for modern businesses. Cloud Servers save on IT costs, are very flexible, and can scale with your business. Plus it makes it very convenient to collaborate with your entire team. These are all huge benefits.

There is one area that is trending negative though. Security.

Cloud servers are definitely secure. It isn’t a shortcoming of the technology. In fact, by their nature they have inherent securities – from physical threats such as floods, fires, or natural disasters.

Recent statistics show that Cloud Servers are the entry point for 41% of cyberattacks.

This is the top entry point of the surveyed list of over 5,000 companies. It even edged out the historical lead entry point of emails at 40%.

The worst part is, this stat is only getting worse, growing 10% year over year.

Is it secure?

Why the huge security issue with a very secure technology?  Many companies don’t invest in security as they should, be it policies, software, or services.

When you are using a Cloud Server, you absolutely must ensure it is properly secure. It’s not really an option. It’s vital to research and ensure that what options your company chooses are fully secure, and that everything is properly set up.

We understand, that’s tough to do – especially when you don’t fully understand all the technicalities yourself. That’s why we partner with our clients – for their benefit. We establish a trust that Xentric will take care of your data as if it were our own, and we go above and beyond to do so.

Security is a process.

We also highly recommend security measures for your entire company. After all, your business is a complicated machine, and you need to make sure the entire thing is running smoothly and not only parts of it.

You need to put standard security practices in place. A password manager for example. Using a password manager encourages your employees to generate long, random, and unique passwords for each login they have.

Also have cyber security training (that is fun, not boring) on a regular basis. This will keep everyone alert to constant and ever evolving email attacks. Remember, email attacks came in #2 on the attack point list, only missed by a variance of 1%.

The results…

We’d love for your company to be 100% secure against all attacks, but we’d be lying if we said that was an attainable position. It simply isn’t. However, we can help secure your company with layered security measures. This will help reduce the chances of a successful attack against your business.

Plus, proper backups and disaster recovery plans will ensure that if attacked, the damage is reduced.  It also ensures you can be back up and running within a reasonable timeframe.

If you’d like some consultation on cloud services for your business, feel free to give us a call or schedule an appointment on our calendar.