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Leveled up Cyber threats?

Time to power up and protect your business

Arthur Gaplanyan

Level Up

A recent security report from cloud security company Crowdstrike has been released with some very eye-opening security trends.

Cyber attacks have improved, making them a bigger threat than ever.

Yeah, basically this is all bad news information, but you need to be aware of threats so you can stay safe.

Here are 3 ways that cyber-attacks are worse than ever:

Ludicrous Speed

So, first up, they’re getting faster. The time it takes for a criminal to move around within your network once they gain access is called Breakout Time. Last year the average breakout time was 84 minutes. Now it’s just 62 minutes.

That’s 22 minutes faster. While in the big scheme of things that might or might not sound like a lot, let me relate that to home burglaries, which statistically take 8-12 minutes to complete. That analogy might make your eyes open a bit wider.

Ludicrous Speed

The major impact here is that the window of opportunity for criminals got 22 minutes larger. One of the strongest cybersecurity measures is detection and response monitoring.

That is where attacks are detected and responded to before they can take hold or spread. Mitigating threats quickly prevents significant damage to your business. Essentially, the goal is to respond to an attack faster than the attacker can move…which they just got 26% faster at doing.

Organization Growth

You need to remember that cybercriminals are just that, criminals. Commonly people think of them as young kids fooling around to see what they can get into. That’s completely wrong. They are organized crime, and they are out to make a profit off others.

The number of these organizations tracked (that we know of) is on the rise. The total of tracked groups has just increased by 34, bringing the total up to 230.

These groups are not just sitting idle; they’re leveling up, becoming trickier and smarter. There’s even a record of a group pulling off a breakout time of just two minutes and seven seconds. That’s less time than it takes to enjoy your coffee!

Human Error

Even though cybercriminals are smart and tricky, the easiest way into your network is if you just let them in.

It’s kind of like a vampire not being able to enter a house unless they are invited, but who would invite a vampire in? Only people who get tricked or are allured to do so.

That’s why it’s far easier for criminals to trick you, or one of your employees, into opening the door for them.  Humans are the weakest link in this equation, and that fact keeps growing as criminals target them.

They’re crafty, using phishing emails to trick your team into giving away login details by pretending to be a trusted name like Microsoft.

Or worse, they impersonate a vendor or customer. This makes you drop your guard thinking you’re dealing with somebody you can trust.

Level up against cyber threats

These are the three ways that cybercrime has gotten worse recently. Now, for the golden question;

How do you protect your business from cyber threats?

Here are 5 simple tips to keep your business safe.

Knowledge is power

Keep your team in the loop about the latest threats and how to spot them. A little bit of training could save you a lot of headaches.

Up your password game

Encourage unique, super-strong, complex passwords. A password manager makes this easy to implement. Plus, don’t forget about multi-factor authentication. It’s like adding an extra lock on your door.

Stay updated

Always keep your software patched and protected. These criminals love an easy target, and outdated software is like rolling out the welcome mat for them.

Get the right tools

Investing in top-notch cybersecurity software can be a game-changer. It’s like having a guard dog that never sleeps (we can help you with this!).

Backup, backup, backup

Regularly save your data somewhere safe. If things go south, it’s your get-out-of-jail-free card to minimize losses and get back on track. Better yet, plan for business continuity…which keeps your business running even when disaster strikes.

Bottom line?

In the world of cybersecurity, being proactive is key. Don’t wait for trouble to find you.

If you’re looking for ways to beef up your defenses, we’re here to help. Let’s keep your business safe and sound together.