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From Risk to Asset: The Critical Role of Employee Training in Data Protection

turn your team into heroes

Arthur Gaplanyan

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Hero Training

You have a team of people helping you run your business. Some of them you picked yourself, others maybe were hired by somebody you picked yourself. Either way, you trust the process to get you a good team that can help you achieve your goals. Are you confident in them?

Sure, everybody has their quirks, but this is the team you rely on daily. Surely you trust all of them to handle confidential information. Right?

As it turns out, there’s a good chance you don’t trust your team with sensitive information.

A shocking third of small to mid-sized business heads just don’t have faith in their teams according to a recent study.

Of those, more than 50% don’t think employees understand the importance of securing information. Maybe it’s because Jim in accounting still keeps his password on a sticky note. Or maybe it’s because 40% of them past experiences still haunting them in the present.

It turns out, trusting your team isn’t the whole story when it comes to securing data.

What’s the real issue? It’s not the people. It’s about not having solid training and security policies in place.

So, what’s the fix?

Start with training everyone. Think about it. If you want to ensure your employees know how to handle sensitive information and keep your company data safe, then they should all be trained to do so. Instead of looking at them as your weakest link, look at them as your front line of defense! This arms your team with know-how to spot and handle threats. It’s like turning them into your business’s security superheroes!

As this training gets incorporated into your business, it becomes the standard. Which is maintained by making it a policy.

Which begs the question, what about your security setup and policies? About four out of five (78%) businesses confess their tech isn’t up to scratch for guarding sensitive info and having policies in place to handle processes like offboarding securely.

That’s where our expertise shines. We’ll tailor your systems to ensure everyone accesses only what they need. Plus, we’re not stopping there. We’ll make sure your company nails down policies for data sharing, accessing sensitive info, and managing staff transitions. This way, we’re building a fortress of security for your workplace.

Here’s the bottom line: Trust alone won’t cut it with data security. But combine trust with top-notch training and security measures, and watch your team transform from potential risks to your biggest protectors.

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