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Finally! A fix for the email ‘File Too Large’ headache

Microsoft's OneDrive Integration to the Rescue!

Arthur Gaplanyan

File Size Error

Take a deep breath, and let it out in the biggest sigh of relief. Microsoft has finally come up with a solution to that frustrating “file too large to send” email attachment problem.

We’ve all been there. You’re in the midst of a crucial email, trying to attach a vital file, only to be greeted by a dreaded pop-up telling you the email attachment is too large to send. It’s completely frustrating, and enough to drive anybody crazy. We won’t judge if you admit to giving your computer a little smack after that.

Well, finally it’s a thing of the past. Microsoft has a solution road mapped for this month that makes it far less of a hassle than it has been.

What’s the solution to the “email attachment too large” conundrum? Integration with OneDrive.

In a recent update on the Microsoft 365 roadmap, the tech giant revealed their plan – integrating Outlook with Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage platform. What does that mean for you? Well, when you bump up against that pesky attachment size limit, Outlook will prompt you to upload your file to OneDrive, ensuring your important document still reaches its intended recipient.

If you’re thinking this is a clever solution, you’re right.

If you’re thinking, wait a second, isn’t using a cloud file store and share application the normal workaround for this problem? Well, you’re right too.

Unfortunately, the limitation of email size on email servers isn’t something that can change, but integrating two of Microsoft’s applications together for a seamless workflow is a natural solution.

The first ones in line to benefit from this nifty feature are Android users, but fear not, for everyone else, the rollout is just around the corner, expected this very month. So, the days of squeezing your files into submission, resizing, or resorting to potentially risky third-party services are numbered. Microsoft is paving the way for a smoother, more efficient email experience.

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