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Do your young employees think cyber-crimes are normal?

Risky habits might just put you at risk

Arthur Gaplanyan

Young Employee

The children are our future, right? No, I’m not quoting the Whitney Houston song. I am saying that hiring some young blood into your company is a great idea for energetic, ready to grow employees. However, if you do employ any of the younger generation then you might want to review your cybersecurity training.

A recent study shows that some risky online habits are becoming the norm among young people (16-19 years old specifically), and some of them are even illegal! Yes, the report shows around 10% have engaged in hacking. Hopefully your hiring practices screen those candidates out well enough.

Don’t panic quite yet, because the more common illegal activities aren’t referring to anything major like data theft or ransomware. They are talking about simpler things like downloading music and movies illegally, which 33% of this age bracket have admitted to doing. 25% of them have also admitted to tracking and trolling somebody online.

While these activities might now seem like a big deal, or at the very least not directly impact your business, they can lead to bigger problems if they use work devices to do these activities.

That’s where regular cyber security training comes in! By educating your team on the impact of bad online behavior and how it can harm both individuals and the business, you’ll not only help them understand the importance of cyber security but also make the consequences clear for anyone caught engaging in these activities. This can easily be worked in as part of your overall training, which was our suggestions to ensure your employees aren’t subject to tech shame. How’s that for two birds with one stone?

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