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Did Microsoft just make the best browser for every business?

Should you adopt Edge for Business?

Arthur Gaplanyan

August 3, 2023

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Edge for Business

Microsoft has been busy working on their Edge browser. First, we talked about their enhanced security, then again about some privacy concerns that seem to be fixed. This is the third article about Edge in the past month, but it’s well worth talking about.

Microsoft is releasing a new version of their browser, called Edge for Business.

As the name implies, it’s tailored specifically for businesses. Edge for Business brings all the security and productivity features of the main Edge browser, with additional features geared toward business management.

Edge for Business will have options that will allow businesses to maintain some level of control over the browser as it is used for work without intruding on employee privacy and personal use. This works on both managed and unmanaged devices, which makes it a perfect fit for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) scenarios where employees use their own personal devices for work.

One of the ways Edge for Business handles this process by segregating work and personal browsing into dedicated browser windows. It also has its own favorites, history, passwords, caches, and storage locations. This allows employee work to stay organized in one place while personal browsing stays separate (and unseen) from the workspace.

Another cool aspect of this is that certain sites will automatically open in the relevant browser with a process called “Automatic Switching.” For instance, the Microsoft 365 page will automatically open in the work browser while shopping sites like Amazon would open in the personal browser. If the browser misidentifies a site, the user can easily teach the browser to identify it differently with the push of a button in the URL bar.

For the business side, global controls can be made and rolled out. Admins can create and manage policies, add-ons, and extensions that will be applied to all employees. Employees in turn can submit requests to admins for desired extensions or add-ons.

Of course, since the browser is meant to deploy across an entire organization, it allows company branding for familiarity, trust, and clear identification of the work browser.

Edge for Business is available for testing in private preview right now, with an official release coming in the next few weeks. Though admittedly, we’d advise waiting a while before jumping on board. Let them work out some of the kinks before you implement it into your business.

The goal of Edge for Business is to bridge the gap between work and personal browsing on the same device, ensuring that your personal and professional information remain separate and secure. This could make it the best browser choice for work related devices.

If you like how Edge for Business sounds, with roles and controls in place to keep your employees secure and productive, then reach out and we can advise how to streamline your business tech. We’re here to lend a helping hand!