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Can you keep up with the speed of phishing sites?

They're gone in 600 seconds

Arthur Gaplanyan

Malware 600 Seconds

Here’s a stat to blow your mind. A staggering 60% of phishing websites have an incredibly short lifespan of only 10 minutes. That’s right, just ten minutes. Merely 600 seconds.

This revelation emphasizes just how fast cyber threats move and evolve. It also highlights how crucial it is to be alert and stay ahead of the curve.

Phishing websites are deceptive platforms designed to trick users into revealing their login credentials or downloading harmful software. Cybercriminals attract a large number of visitors to these sites, carry out scams, and quickly remove the site to avoid detection.

They’re gone in 600 seconds.

Yes, this is a bad pun based on the movie Gone in 60 seconds. I’ll let you choose if it refers to the classic 1974 film or the Nicholas Cage remake.😉

Back on topic, these phishing sites disappear so quickly, only to reappear in different forms. It’s hard for security tools to keep up with that pace to keep you safe. But imagine if we had the power to uncover these threats before they vanish.

Well, Google Chrome has an ingenious solution up its sleeve to help us achieve just that.

Imagine that you’re busy managing your business, constantly making quick decisions while on the move. Suddenly, you accidentally stumble upon a website that looks a bit off. A little fishy (to throw another pun at you).

Don’t worry, you’re using Google Chrome and it diligently scans websites you visit against malicious URLs. Only… Google updates it’s list of URLs every 30-60 minutes. 60% of those phishing sites are not around long enough to be detected, which leaves you high and dry if you visit them.

Enter Google’s Enhanced Safe Browsing.

Enhanced Safe Browsing is Google Chrome’s latest weapon against cyber threats. In a recent update, Chrome has enabled this powerful security tool for all users, equipping the browser with the ability to scan URLs in real-time and swiftly neutralize any threats.

Furthermore, Google has stated that Enhanced Safe Browsing also deep scans files and includes protection from malicious extensions.

Now, you may be wondering, does this mean that Google will keep track of every single URL you visit? The answer is yes, it does. However, rest assured that this new feature only shares your visited URLs with Google for the purpose of enhanced security. Your information will not be utilized for any other purposes, including advertising. It’s a trade-off between the utmost security and maintaining your privacy. Given the ever-increasing complexity of cyber threats, having this additional layer of protection is truly invaluable.

It is imperative that we embrace these innovative tools and remain one step ahead of cybercriminals. After all, the security and success of our businesses depend on it.

If you’re interested in a more privacy focused approach or need additional support in protecting your business from phishing scams or any other potential threats, feel free to get in touch with us. 🛡️