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Treat Your Data Like it Matters

With xSync Secure File Sync and Share

You don’t deserve antiquated, consumer-grade file sync.
You deserve Modern, Enterprise-Grade File Sync.

Secure File
Sync and Share

It’s what you are used to, but better.

Why "Popular" Solutions Fail You

With the surge in remote and hybrid working, businesses have embraced cloud sync applications. These applications are good, but they have shortcomings.

While they can share files, they are not efficient and lack in business grade security. They also are lacking in backup and complete recovery solutions.

  • Storage Limits

    Does your storage size limit you? Don't let standard size limits inhibit your ability to store, share, and collaborate with your files.

  • Storage Security

    Popular file sync and share solutions are not as secure. They have basic protections, but they are not built around security of your data.

  • Backup & Recovery

    Consumer-Grade file sync and share solutions do NOT backup your data. In the case of a disaster, your data is not recoverable.

  • Data Theft

    Increasingly more prevalent, cybercriminals are targeting business file shares as weak links to their data.

  • Data Sprawl

    Company data is hard to manage. Your data can be all over the place, and not know who has access to what. There is no way to properly administer and manage your data and team access.

Maximize Productivity

Without Compromising Security.

The Enterprise Sync & Share Difference

xSync secure file sync and share is like the consumer-grade solutions you are used to so it feels natural to use.

But it is built with your business in mind, so it has security baked in from the ground up, and offers added options for productivity and collaboration to make your team more efficient.


  • Easy File Sharing

    Share files any way you want to. Folders with team access, large files to external contacts, and online collaboration in real time. Plus get bonus features such as alerts when shares are downloaded and limited access by expiration date or access limit.

  • Secure Access

    Accessing files is easy, but it's also secure. xSync files uses 256-bit server side encryption in transit and at rest, allowing access and productivity anywhere and any time, without the need for secure VPN connections.

  • Server Security

    xSync utilizes compliant data centers and military grade security, exceeding industry standards, with 99.999% reliability and uptime.

  • Backup Features

    Keep your data safe with continuous backup. Easily restore files that were deleted maliciously or in error, and rollback revisions as needed. With snapshot backups, recover from ransomware to a point-in-time just before infection.

  • Administration Control

    Control access of your team with role based security. Keep track of changes with tamper proof audit logs.

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