IT Jargon Buster

Learn Key Tech Talk With Our IT Jargon Buster Cheat Sheet

Our A-Z of the terms you might hear when talking with an IT expert

Giga-what? IP-who? Endpoint-where?

Do IT terms seem like Greek to you?

At Xentric, we try to avoid technical language as much as we can when working with clients. Our goal is to communicate clearly so you understand what is going on.

The difference in trust when you understand and let us take control versus when you don’t understand and have no choice but to let someone else handle it is a big deal. You should always feel in control of your business. It’s subtle, but it is foundational to our customer centric approach to service.


However, the next time you need IT support, having a basic understanding of the lingo can save you a lot of time. If only there was some sort of Rosetta Stone for tech talk.


There is now!
We’ve created a free translation cheat sheet. We call it the IT Jargon Buster. It’s an alphabetical list of some of the terms you may encounter when speaking with an IT professional, and should greatly speed up your understanding and also call us out when we let a jargon term slip in our discussions.

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