The Business Owners Briefing:

Reduce the Burden on Your Brain

Owning and managing a business is hard. 

One can argue that is never stops. Haven’t you found yourself up at some time when the rest of the world is asleep, and you’re thinking about something? Or solving something. Or planning something. That is when you are alone and have time to think. During the waking hours it’s even worse as everything slips into overdrive.


The cognitive load in managing a business is absolutely overwhelming.

Not only do you need to focus on your own work, but you also need to take time to focus on what your staff need from you. How can you empower them? How can you give them the tools to set up to succeed? Are you going to be their bottleneck?

Your average day is probably full of constant interruptions, a to-do list that keeps growing, and realizing your life is coming up short in your work/life balance.  And that balance was supposed to be one of the greatest benefits to running your own business.



None of this is good. Period.



Thankfully, there are tons of assets available that can help you wrangle in your business.  From scheduling to workflows, there are many applications that can help you free up time, reduce interruptions, and help you focus. Many of these are included in a Microsoft 365 subscription that you might already have.

We’ve explored a lot of options to brief business owners like you, so you can decide which ones could work for your business.


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