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Backup & Disaster Recovery

Stop Disasters in Their Tracks

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I started my relationship with Xentric Solutions when I opened my law firm. Without their help, I would not have been able to fulfill the everyday needs of my office, while also ensuring the safety and confidentiality of my clients' personal information. During the last 5 years as my business grew, the ease with which I was able to adapt to changes really set me apart from my competitors. My firm would not have made it through the Pandemic without the help from Xentric Solutions.
Nikki Grigoryan
Grigoryan Law

Disasters happen.
When they do, stop their impact instead of stopping your business.

Disaster Can Take Many Forms

  • Natural Disaster

    Natural disasters are an unavoidable reality – and they come at a high cost to your business when key systems are damaged.

  • System Outages

    Hardware, software and data centers can all fail. When they go down, your business needs stay up and running.

  • Ransomware

    Increasingly more prevalent, ransomware attacks can strike organizations of all sizes. Peace of mind comes from knowing your data is recoverable at any time.

  • Human Error

    One of the most common threats to your business continuity is human error. This costly disaster is frequently unintentional and difficult to prevent.

BDR Keeps Your Business Running

Secure Your Data

  • Image Based Backups

    Eliminate the potential for unusable backups.

  • Local or Cloud

    Flexible options to suit your unique business needs.

  • Total Server Protection

    Data, operating systems, applications, and configurations — full image-based backup so everything on your server is protected.

  • Recovery in Minutes, Not Weeks

    In the event of an outage from any cause, your business will be up in running quickly, whether your team is in your office or working remotely.

  • Never Pay a Ransom

    Never pay the ransom – Backup Images are safety archived to ensure recovery in the case of malware and ransomware.

  • Trusted Backup Provider

    Your backups can be sent o-site to secure and compliant data centers, where cloud services are backed by a 100% cloud service-level agreement.

We've got you covered

Xentric Solutions has been awarded
"Top Managed Provider" and "Best Managed IT Provider" in Los Angeles

Upcity Top Managed Provider Badge
Expertise - Best Managed IT Service Provider Award
CRN MSP 500 Award
Upcity Cybersecurity Badge

Don't let downtime cost you!

  • SMBs lose $55,000 in revenue every year due to IT failures

  • A break in continuity can cost $10,000/hour minimum

  • IT Outages cause substantial damage to Company Reputation, Staff Morale, & Customer Loyalty

  • 58% of SMBs said their biggest data storage challenge is security

  • 50% of SMBs said cyberattacks are their biggest data concern

  • 9 out of 10 data breach incidents are caused by employee mistakes

  • 43% of employees stated they clicked a phishing email because it appeared to have come from a senior executive or a well-known brand

  • 21% of SMBs do not currently have a backup or disaster recovery solution in place

  • 60% of SMBs that fall victim to a data breach end up closing within 6 months

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